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The effects of racial, sexual, or religious discrimination The effects of racial, sexual, or religious discrimination

February 27, 2012

discriminating The effects of racial, sexual, or religious discrimination

The effects of racial, sexual, and religious discrimination are hatred.  People in this world are so unhappy with themselves they try to bring others down with negative feedback on life, which brings civilization down. For instance, gay rights is so big because the world has it set in their small minds that same sex marriage is the devil, and then religion comes in with that because it’s in the Bible, but meanwhile, when all this chaos is persisting, JUDGEMENT is in the bible and it says you shouldn’t cast stones.

Everyone is in the wrong, and with that comes along kids killing themselves for being judged and bullied by others which everyone gets the effect after that. Anger is caused by color. My people (African Americans) are still angry from slavery. We still have hatred now and nothing has changed. Laws that say we are free are only laws, not reality. We are told to leave the past behind, but how can we forget such terrible things.

CAUSE- being raped, beaten, and belittled. EFFECT- angry as hell! It’s not just us though; Hispanics are told they are lazy and called “wet backs,” because society feels like they are nothing because they come from different countries which are pretty close to America. Hispanics are as much equal as any other race in this world; we all are. African Americans are not even considered minorities anymore because Hispanics have come to America; some idiot has made this assumption.

 African Americans will always stand out, gay people will never be accepted and religion will always be judged and questioned. That’s just society today.


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